Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chateau St. Roch.....

On Christmas Eve, we decided to escape the Christmas blues and weed the garden in the back of the St. Roch house we're buying.  What joy it was to discover what was lying beneath.

Our New Orleans court yard

Friday, November 18, 2011

Here is a House...

Tonight I was going through some vinyl records and came across my old Depeche Mode collection.  I put the needle on the record and it happened in a second.  I was flooded with a feeling of possibility and dream.  The feeling sends you down a path, each step assured by the last.  Where the path is taking you is not clear.  What is the path and what about those feelings?  What to do with it?  Those were thoughts I held onto driving to New Orleans in the late 80's.  Tonight in the shower I realized I'm living this feeling through my own work.  The feeling we felt and the path it inspired in the Gold Mine days, was not merely about physical conquest, wealth or even greatness.  It was about going into the unknown, to your unknown self and finding soul and reason.  "Let me see you stripped down to the bone".  

Oh God it's raining and I'm not complaining......M.Gore

Friday, November 11, 2011

St. Roch Market, New Orleans...

Most New Orleanians associate the St. Roch neighborhood with its historic market on St. Claude Avenue where local vendors once sold fresh fish and produce. The St. Roch Market is an anchor in the neighborhood, both in its location and its social and economic roles. Built in 1875, the market was rehabilitated in 1935 as part of WPA efforts in New Orleans, which installed new plumbing, refrigerator units, and glass displays. In 1945 it was leased to a private owner and continued to be an integral part of the surrounding communities. An image of the market from the 1970's (see images below) shows the market as "Lama's St. Roch Market", looking very active and vibrant after 100 years of continuous service.

Hurricane Katrina left the market damaged and inactive, and the St. Roch neighborhood is currently without a market of any kind in operation. Beyond the practical offerings the rebuilt market could provide, such as jobs and fresh foods for residents, the historic structure is a symbol, and by reviving it the Project could lift the spirits of neighborhood residents and all New Orleans citizens.
With our partners we are securing funding and generating proposals for rehabilitating the St. Roch Market. The work will preserve this historic structure and modernize its amenities and services.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Music Box.....

Swoon and curator Delaney Martin have teamed up to create the music box in New Orleans.  It takes place on the property of an old creole cottage that was in ruins.  Martin asked Swoon to come up with a concept for a house that plays music and during the time the concepts were being formed the old house collapsed.  Thus the Music box was born as a little shanty town.  

The old house.

Curator Delaney Martin and artist Taylor Shephard

Over the weekend we went to the first performance directed by Quintron.  I was curious to see how the performance was going to turn out because the day before I toured the village and all the instruments weren't exactly in tune with each other and each instrument was in a different little house so I wasn't sure how they would hear each other.  It was a beautiful night and Quintron did a great job bringing all the players together.  I look forward to more concerts there and maybe recording some of these sounds.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Haul....

The weekend trip was great in Texas.  You never know where you're going to end up or what you'll come across.  We came across many great vintage items but we ended up coming home with a truck load of spiritual wisdom from the poetry of Rumi.

This was my favorite tent but it was over priced but beautifully done.  They had lots of old French club chairs.

We ended up in a tent full of rugs and the guy saw through us all and began telling the tale of each of ours lives.  We could not believe how spot on he was with each one of us.  He used Chinese Zodiac charts to read us.  Now remember I hit the road on Friday looking to be renewed and I found my answer.  He looked at me and said I was in a very important year and that I was in my last life on earth if I so chose to not come back, which explains my disappointment in mankind.  Apparently I have lived 8 lives before this and am in my 9th.  He said that this will be a creative period for me and to trust it.  Money will come with ease and that I will be welcoming to all people.  In this last life, I will be like water, just a current.  

A special day!



A chickpea leaps almost over the rim of the pot

where it’s being boiled.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

The cook knocks him down with the ladle.

“Don’t you try to jump out.
You think I’m torturing you.
I’m giving you flavor,
so you can mix with spices and rice
and be the lovely vitality of a human being.

Remember when you drank rain in the garden.
That was for this.”

Grace first. Sexual pleasure,
then a boiling new life begins,
and the Friend has something good to eat.

Eventually the chickpea
will say to the cook,
“Boil me some more.
Hit me with the skimming spoon.
I can’t do this by myself.

I’m like an elephant that dreams of gardens
back in Hindustan and doesn’t pay attention
to his driver. You’re my cook, my driver,
my way into existence. I love your cooking.”

The cook says,
“ I was once like you,
fresh from the ground. Then I boiled in time
and boiled in the body, two fierce boilings.

My animal soul grew powerful.
I controlled it with practices.
and boiled some more, and boiled
once beyond that,
and became your teacher.” 

Friday, September 30, 2011

Round Top....

Heading out on a road trip to Texas today.  I'm meeting my wife and a some friends from both Louisiana and NY.  There's a huge flea market happening there this weekend and we all love junk and meeting up in places like this.  I'm excited to hit the road alone in the mini cooper with some records and a notepad.  One thing I miss about touring is being on the open road.  It's a great place to let your mind wonder and play albums the way they should be played, from beginning to end.  I'm excited to see what kinds of treasures I find along the way.  Maybe a song, a word, an old leather book or some horns.  I don't care after a week of watching documentaries, I need to get out and feel good again about people and these trips away from the computer and research usually turn out for the best.  After going to two funerals in one week, I'm overwhelmed with sense of duty to make something out of my minutes.  The recordings have been going well and will share them soon.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Historical New Orleans Collection 3D Exhibit...

Here are some samples from the 3D Exhibit on display at The Historic New Orleans Collection.  My song "Nouvelle Orleans" will be archived with these stereo photos from the 1800's.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

KingQueen Sessions I.....

The KingQueen Sessions have been going well.  Josh Werner and Dave Burnett came down to New Orleans to track some drums and bass last month and it went well.  Mostly though, it's been me and Danny Blume(pictured above) working through emails and countless phone calls.  When you work with someone you trust, there's a lot of unspoken communication.  Danny and I had a lot of success with film work in the past and I feel we're onto a nice new sound that we'll be able to find placements for in the future.  

In August, Amanda and I went up to Brooklyn and were lucky enough to be sent keys to Megan and Josh's beautiful Williamsburg apartment.  The place is located in my old neighborhood and brought back many memories of recording my first  record.  I remember going into the diner in my slippers and pajamas for a brownie and milk while the rest of the hood was partying.

Danny and I had come to the conclusion that we needed a female singer and through working with Dave I got to hear Margo Valiante(above) and knew instantly we'd sound good together.  We booked a session at the Kennel studio and it turns out it was my old friend Prince Polo's studio.  New York can be a really small world.  Within a few days so many dots were connected and realized how many projects are there waiting for me.  I think a uHaul will be in order at some point after the winter.  

Margo tracked "The River Song" and "KingQueen" during these sessions and simply created magic.  We are planning on writing some stuff together and doing some shows in NY.  Lots of good vibes from she and Dave.

The next day as I was floating on air from the sessions, we met Aaron and Esther at Balthazaar for brunch.  I'm so excited to have a clear vision of a musical path again.  It's been awhile, everything so foggy not knowing what direction to take.  This picture makes me feel good, this woman truly has my back.  

Of course shopping was in order, though we hardly bought anything.  Only in NY can you see something that you didn't know you needed so badly.  Check this out by Our Legacy.

This suit fit me perfectly.  Maybe one day I'll get it for the stage.  I'm excited for the times to come!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The River Nile Sessions....

Last weekend I escaped the storms on the coast of Louisiana and drove to Atlanta to begin my sessions with River Nile.  After and eight hour drive, I arrived at the studio and crashed for a few hours.  When I woke up in the morning, I realized I was the first one up until I saw this little fella lying on the floor staring at me in silence.

His name was J'adore not sure if this is the correct spelling but his name quickly became "Poncake".  He didn't say anything to me for the first hour and followed me around the kitchen while I searched for coffee.  After and hour of silence, he looked at me and said, "me want poncake".  I was in love with this little guy.

Gary and I spent the time getting my computer straight with all the necessary programs and refills needed for our collaboration.  The project will be a mix of 70's Dub, old R&B, and a dash of Velvet Underground.  

Here are some of the elements we're limiting ourselves to in the studio for the River Nile Sessions: