Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sun Kil Moon...

Sun Kil Moon is a music project of singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek, best known for his previous band Red House Painters.  Sun Kil Moon sees Kozelek undertake the writing, composing, singing and guitar playing, accompanied by Tim Mooney and Anthony Koutsos on drums, and Geoff Stanfield on bass. The band is named after Korean lightweight boxer Sung-Kil Moon.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Danny Blume...

Danny Blume(born Daniel Blumenfeld January 17, 1960 in Berkeley CA) is an American music producer, musician, and composer.  He is a Grammy Award winner, multiple Grammy nominee, and co-founder/ owner of the production team GoodandEvil with Christian Castagno, with studios operating in Brooklyn and Woodstock NY.

Monday, January 10, 2011

They Walk Alone, Onto the Trails of Another....

In order to survive and grow in a contemporary context, tradition must shed its dead branches and grow new ones.  If tradition is viewed as a process instead of a product, then this necessary change can also be traditional if it conforms to its own rules.  Trying to restrict the natural, organic growth of a traditional culture as if real people were forced to inhabit a museum display would only contribute to its demise....

New Years 2011 Portraits

We rung in the New Year at a friends house in the French Quarter this year.  It was a nice time, met some very interesting people and hung with old friends.

E Lang the Great!




This year will bring on a new record and am excited about my collaborations in New Orleans taking shape.  Also, will be reuniting with Danny Blume whom I worked with on So Long.  He will be mixing and playing guitar on my new record.  I'm tossing around names for the record.  The Tide of Galloping Horses, KingQueen, We Took to the Woods?  Not sure yet, depends on where things go in the creative process with the music and my collaborators.  Please feel free to make suggestions.  There will be plenty of harmonies and clip on beards!