Thursday, August 8, 2013

Marigny Opera House Show #1

I'm starting to feel like a real human being, there is a pulse after all.  After living back in New Orleans for the past four years, I finally feel like I have a musical home.  Things here can be a bit traditional and most musicians in the city play in clubs a few nights of the week and make mighty fine livings.  My love for music is completely different.  I like coming up with concepts for albums and finding the right collaborators and then maybe playing live.  These days I'm totally accepting playing live and really enjoying it.  How can you not like playing in the Marigny Opera House to a nice attentive and sober audience.  When I toured during the label years, I felt like a shrimper with a net trying to catch fans.  Playing the way I have been playing the past year feels right.  

Bart & Olivia

Midway through the set I felt so comfortable, almost too comfortable and wanted to challenge myself to try and play a song on piano that I haven't played and sung in quite a while and it went well.  It can be scary doing something like that, especially in my world where everything is rehearsed.  Having pushed myself to do that gave me quite a burst of confidence to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  

For this show I worked hard with Michelle Cunningham (Ms. Mec) on 3 songs and everyone really liked her voice as I did when I first heard her at the fringe fest years ago.  Because it went so well with her I'm doing my next show all "dub" style with her.  I have been dying to get back to beats and I think now is the time to do it.  I have some work cut out for me in the next few weeks in pro tools editing and making beat samples but I'm loving it.  After this I'll have three different ways to play live shows; Acoustic solo, with a band in, and in a toasting style with samples.  Playing live is funny, one show leads to another and better opportunities keep coming.