Friday, May 25, 2012

Living Room Restoration.....

There were times during this job that I thought what did I get myself into buying this house but after it was completed and we sat down to read and hang with friends it felt all the better having worked for it.  Such as life, work has its purpose. I'm hoping to one day have this feeling playing music for a nice appreciative crowd having come through so much.  The path of integrity is a long and lonesome road but there's no better feeling than taking the long road and coming out a knight.   

This room wasn't that bad.  We had one major plaster repair and all the corners were redone.  Jay taught me his technique for making those corners like new again.

We're painting the majority of the house in Swiss Coffee white.  It really looks nice and crisp against all the natural wood.  We were excited when we found this vintage rug at a Saturday morning estate sale.  The chairs came from St. Vincent Depaul for $25 each.  All we had to do is replace the cushions and find fabric.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

St. Roch Dinner Party I

Just as soon as I hooked up the stove and finished the kitchen two birds flew into the oven and people came over.  It was just that simple.  Our house had a warming.  St. Roch is home.