Thursday, July 11, 2013

Woodstock in Spring

I had a great time recording in Woodstock for the final "Campo Santo" sessions.  We did four songs and had drummer Dave Burnett on one day.  Everything went great and now we have some overdubbing to do before mixing.  It was nice to be up there in Spring as I have been up there in the winter the past two years.  This record has been a long time coming but I think the patience has paid off.  

We were invited to a very nice party in Bovina on the weekend and met up with a bunch of ours friends for a feast in the gardens followed by fireworks.  It was pretty surreal.

My first morning I went for a walk and saw what looked like a cub in the woods but when he came out he was much bigger.  Not a good idea.

Dave Burnett

The whole time in Woodstock there was a constant white noise made by the creeks on both sides of the house.  Thanks to Danny, Janet, Adam and Leon for being great host.