Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tin Can Coyote.....

If I Don't See Me, You Don't See Me.....

On Sunday, I woke up with an extreme desire to wear a suit and celebrate the simplicity of the fact that it was Sunday.  The road has been an amazing and sometimes grueling life journey.  Most of the time is spent alone with no one to blame your emptiness on.  As an artist, I'm never impressed with myself and it can often be tiring to never feel the sense of accomplishment that most must feel from a days work.  This is why I woke up and put the suit on and headed straight for Grand Central Station for my shoe shine.  It's so hard to remember to love yourself and on that day, I needed the all the momentum I could get.  

"If we don't see them, they can't see us either"

I stepped out of the train station like a new man.  Finally found a casual suit that didn't make me feel like a business man and my shoes were shining.  That's when I met Jean Andre Antoine shooting vintage polaroids in the street.  We were drawn to each other and had a great conversation about the Jazz Era comparing it to the instant gratification era we are living in.  We parted ways, happy to be playing our notes in society.  Living examples of old world work ethic and passion behind closed doors when no one is looking. 

It was such a treat after eating on the road so much to sit down and have east coast oysters with a glass of Absinthe afterwards.