Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sip From The Root Oh Bountiful Bank!

You just never know what's coming in life.  Over the past few years I have completely let go of "So Long".  Totally dismissed it as my first bits of creativity and have moved on to new things.  When we were planning this show at The Gary State Bank Music Hall back home I had no idea what to expect, only what I've heard from people about town.  It takes a lot of action and dreaming to make things happen in life and it was so exciting to be a part of everything leading up to this event.  

Carl Monica and crew prepping in the days leading up to the concert.  Dreaming is contagious, especially when you're in the middle of that vision and everything just works out beyond all expectation.  The overall feeling is that this was just a beginning of a cultural movement and am so overwhelmed that at the heart of it is these old songs we made years ago in Brooklyn.  

I'm very excited about the poster that was screen printed by Scott Campbell in New Orleans.  We sold quite a few.

During the week the courtyard was cleaned up.

I was so excited and prepared to rip through this set list.  By the time I got to Whoa Now the crowd was nice and loose and when I hit the chorus they started singing and I kind of forgot how I sang it on the record but they reminded me.  
The most beautiful thing about the whole night was the diversity of the crowd.  Melissa and Matt who are fans from Boston showed up right before I went on along with Christen Romero who was in town from Yale.  They were all singing along and fist pumping with my dear friend Jabby from Lutcher.  This was all so surreal to experience.

The night got even better when I got to "Still in Waiting".  Donovan Guidry "the general" showed up to the left of the stage with a twinkle in his eye and wanted to sing his part from the record.  This was pure joy for us after all these years.  "Inside I don't wanna go......"

I want to thank Sean Delauneville, Jimmy Delauneville, Carl Monica, The Falgoust's, Amanda Helm, Malik Baloney and Tiffany Napper for being dreamers.  I'm excited by what's taking place in Garyville.  

Sip from the Root!