Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tim Cavnar...


Tim Cavnar was born in Michigan and spent his childhood moving around the mid-west.  He earned a BFA in drawing and painting from The Ohio State University, and has lived and worked in New York, Boston and Washington DC.   He most recently re-located to New Orleans.  His works include paintings, drawings, performances and installations.


The anonymous cruelty with which nature destroys us all is easily overlooked in the everyday, but it descends on everyone and everything eventually.  The works presented here explore the themes of life, death and rebirth.  They seek to provide a frame through which to consider the fleeting beauty and fragility of life, without peddling in fear or overt violence.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Live Show Venues for Week of 5/1/11...

Just like the drifter album, these shows will be portable and unpredictable and unannounced.  Whoever happens to be in these parts will hear the melody of my fallen tree....Musical Graffiti