Friday, November 18, 2011

Here is a House...

Tonight I was going through some vinyl records and came across my old Depeche Mode collection.  I put the needle on the record and it happened in a second.  I was flooded with a feeling of possibility and dream.  The feeling sends you down a path, each step assured by the last.  Where the path is taking you is not clear.  What is the path and what about those feelings?  What to do with it?  Those were thoughts I held onto driving to New Orleans in the late 80's.  Tonight in the shower I realized I'm living this feeling through my own work.  The feeling we felt and the path it inspired in the Gold Mine days, was not merely about physical conquest, wealth or even greatness.  It was about going into the unknown, to your unknown self and finding soul and reason.  "Let me see you stripped down to the bone".  

Oh God it's raining and I'm not complaining......M.Gore

Friday, November 11, 2011

St. Roch Market, New Orleans...

Most New Orleanians associate the St. Roch neighborhood with its historic market on St. Claude Avenue where local vendors once sold fresh fish and produce. The St. Roch Market is an anchor in the neighborhood, both in its location and its social and economic roles. Built in 1875, the market was rehabilitated in 1935 as part of WPA efforts in New Orleans, which installed new plumbing, refrigerator units, and glass displays. In 1945 it was leased to a private owner and continued to be an integral part of the surrounding communities. An image of the market from the 1970's (see images below) shows the market as "Lama's St. Roch Market", looking very active and vibrant after 100 years of continuous service.

Hurricane Katrina left the market damaged and inactive, and the St. Roch neighborhood is currently without a market of any kind in operation. Beyond the practical offerings the rebuilt market could provide, such as jobs and fresh foods for residents, the historic structure is a symbol, and by reviving it the Project could lift the spirits of neighborhood residents and all New Orleans citizens.
With our partners we are securing funding and generating proposals for rehabilitating the St. Roch Market. The work will preserve this historic structure and modernize its amenities and services.