Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Farewell Uncle Lionel....

Over the weekend while on a road trip to play music I began to see images of New Orleans' Uncle Lionel's second line parade and couldn't believe how many people there were.  I'm not surprised as he was a fixture on the street who couldn't pass by unnoticed.  He was always sharply dressed in a full suit and topped with his bowler hat and jewels with the watch around his hand.  He always had, "time on his hands"!  
As the miles of road flew by I couldn't stop thinking of how crazy it is how much we celebrate people when they die and when they're living don't really pay that much attention.  I guess the old saying "you don't know what you got til it's gone", rings true.  I think the most beautiful thing about Uncle Lionel is that he was brave enough to be himself and to layer himself with the whole experience of his life both good and bad.  It truly is a beautiful portrait to see an aged person in the twilight of their years sit in their comfort seat resting in the compilation of all those years.  
From now on I'm going to use this image of Lionel as a reminder to my young self, to weather the storm and let it shape my character and to resist the phony luxury of short cuts of our time.  Here's to you Uncle Lionel!