Friday, August 26, 2011

Lunch @ Houmas House

Today my mom took me to Houma's House for our yearly birthday luncheon.  We had crab cakes, arugula salad, sweet potato fries, crawfish, crawfish curry soup and iced tea over looking the gardens.  The year really went in a flash but have written some of the best music I've done to date.  It's nice to be in the sultry heat and let the melodies of the past soothe knowing fall is around the corner.

Eating here is all about the walk to the restaurant.  The sound of rolling water from the water falls and fountains and the smell of jasmine. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bill Cunningham New York...

"If you seek beauty, you will find it"-B.C.

Last week in NY we went to see a documentary on Bill Cunningham at the IFC Theatre.  While I had heard of Bill and read his section of the times, I had no idea about the man.  I was basically going to be with my wife and good friend Oliver.  I knew it was going to be good but man did I get hit over the head.  The simplicity of this mans life and the passion in which he lives it is so inspiring.  

Cunningham dropped out of Harvard in 1948 and moved to NY, where he initially worked in advertising. He then quit his job and started his own hat company until being drafted in the army.  Upon returning from the war, he began his career as a writer for the Chicago Tribune.  During his years there he contributed to fashion journalism, introducing Americans to Azzedine Alaia and Jean Paul Gautier.  While working at the Tribune he began taking photos on the streets of NY.  As a result of a chance photograph of Greta Garbo, he published a group of his impromptu pictures in the Times in 1978, which soon became a regular series.

Bill in his French Chore Coat.  I have one on order.

It was so great to see a modern man living in simplicity.  He lived in the old artist studios in Carnegie Hall up until last year.  He slept on a cot, surrounded by file cabinets filled with the history of New York fashion from the past 50 years.  He eats one meal a day, doesn't have a cell phone and is invited to every party in town.  He doesn't except pay checks because he wants control over his work.  What an ode to the path of integrity!