Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bonfire of the Ivories 2017.....

Another year has come to pass.  We burned another piano on Christmas Eve after a lovely show at The Grand Point Music Hall.   It seems this will be a yearly tradition as people are starting to offer me pianos.  Someone offered me a player piano for next year.  

I loved this years show in Grand Point.  Not only was every table reserved, it felt special and I felt that people saw me and I saw them.  It is important more now than ever to be fighting for our culture. I'm all for progress, as I've said before, but there's some great qualities we can't afford to leave behind.  

After three years back on the road, I am reminded of some of those qualities from the past.  Patience being the most revered.  Newlafaya, our record label,  was based on the concept of patience and refinement.  Our label logo was a pyramid of sorts, refining itself to a point.  It's hard to live simply and not rush things in this age.  You need reminders and the National Parks across the country have been a medicine of sorts for me and slowed me down.  

I love our bonfire every year.  No fireworks or extravagance.  Just some music and a torch and real sharing and connecting.   I feel I'm articulating our culture more and more with each passing year.   Light the fire, I'll be coming home.  

This is an ode to the river of song.
An ode to joy.
To the joie de vivre along the German coast to old St. Jacques
All the way to the heart of Acadiana.

   An ode to this piano and the long lost lives who once felt her vibrations.
Sure there were other times, but this ones ours.

An ode to fire
Be cleansed and made new again
Renewed again in life and purpose

An ode to the son of a carpenter
Who broke from the customs of his time to find a new path

           To the season that grips the whole world in a conspiracy of love.