Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sings & Strings Festival 2014...

On Sunday, Garyville hosted their first Sings & Strings festival.  Garyville was known as a cypress town during its lucrative years.  It was divided by a passenger train track where passengers would stop in for a bite to eat before continuing on.  Over the years, the town has become pretty abandoned, well at least the old town square and all the old commercial buildings.  

Last year when I played in the old bank I fell in love with this little town square and it was nice to share and  to see a little ripple in the culture.  Well this year Peyton Falgoust and the whole village started a festival to raise money for the old Timbermill Museum.  There were lots of guys and gals with guitars jamming all over and food and drinks everywhere.  When I drove up I couldn't believe all the cars.  As I expected, people are starved for culture.  

The bank ended up being a popular spot for all the musicians.  Everyone seemed to want to play in there but the place was loud and I couldn't hear myself think much less hear the music.  My good friend and photographer, Bryan Tornowski, suggested we move to the old barn just outside and it was a good call.  The sound was great in there and intimate.  I needed a place that was more focused and less party and more of a platform to raise an awareness of our deteriorated culture.  It felt right in there.  My cousin Todd was in there who gets me in all my depths because we've been through much loss together and always remind each other to live life. 

Me and Peyton Falgoust

Sip from the root oh bountiful bank...