Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Westy Named Tux....

Many changes taking place in the past few months.  After years of grinding away on Campo Santo and restoring my house I have decided to hit the road and take the leap of faith that one thing will lead to the next and a sustainable path will be found.  

Over the course of an 8 month period I began researching touring vehicles that I could do solo tours in or possibly duo tours.  The VW Westfalia kept popping up and I began to research them and it wasn't long before I knew this was the only vehicle for me, for my Louque project.  It was boutique, quality, and free.

As I began looking for one for myself, I realized it wasn't going to be easy to find a good one.  It was competitive getting these, especially online without being able to see them.  Some karma was going to have to part of the equation.  After a long time, I settled on a charcoal Westy in Bellevue, Washington near Seattle.  It's the same place I bought the vintage Mercedes years ago.  

After looking at it for a while, I decided it's name was "Tux" because it had clean lines like a tuxedo with its black stripe.  I had thought it was going to be a girl but after I put the 16" wheels and drove it it was indeed a little dirty boy with scuffed up knees.  Below is the first week of taking it around my hometown on the Mississippi River Road.  

I have spent the past few weeks taking it out and getting the kinks out and learning how to use all the camping equipment.  This is truly the swiss army knife of vehicles.  I have made many friends on Instagram.  The Westfalia community is an amazing group of people daring to live their own lives and carve new paths with less.  I'm so thankful to be headed out on the road and thankful for my family and their support.

Tux in Bay St. Louis, MS.