Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Double Gallery Houses of the South

I was curious to see if the columns on most double gallery homes were round or square because I've been driving around New Orleans and most seem to be square.  Jay took me to mid city where there are similar homes to ours and they are square too.  He seems to think the house was moved and the owner added rounded columns during a Greek Revival trend.  I'm thinking of going back to a square column since the ones I have need a lot of work anyway.  I like the look of the square better and seems to suit the subtle New Orleans style we're looking for.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

St. Roch Times....

It's really changing fast in our neighborhood and want to take the time to enjoy all its quirks while we still have them.  The city is laced with crime but the movement is over powering it.  I remember being in Williamsburg in the late 90's and going back there now I can hardly recognize it.  I guess people are drawn to the creative communities that artist piece together.  I didn't really see what was going on in Brooklyn while living there.  I guess we were all too busy working on our music projects and living.  It's nice to think back on it but also nice to focus on what's taking place here in New Orleans.  I'll try to keep documenting as I go.  I wish there were blogs back in the 90's so I could look back on it.  Maybe it was more precious and of the moment.  So many things now are enjoyed but not fully experienced because we're seeing most of it through our iphones.  

New Wave Brunch.

Pool at Mimi's

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chateau in Spring...

Jazz Fest came and went and had a beautiful time playing with The Royal Vagabonds.  It was great having Josh Werner and Dave Burnett down.  We had a crawfish boil in the back yard on Friday night and Amanda did a great job considering it was her first boil.  

Jay has been hard at it steadily.  He did a great job restoring the old shutters and even had to make louvres by hand since it's hard to find them.  Last night Amanda and I cleaned the windows and I touched up the paint and we admired it from the inside.  It's a far far cry from the way we felt when we first moved in.  Now we're thinking Air B&B and eventually a full on B&B when we get another property.  

Amanda, Leila and Thom built a raised bed while I was away in NY rehearsing.  It will be full of veggies for grilling.

For the crawfish boil, I found some stones to lay, along with some pine straw to cover the dirt and moved the lawn furniture around to create an outdoor living room.

Our median has been completed with Bermuda grass and beds.  Looking forward to taking care of my block since I volunteered at the St. Roch Association meeting.

This is what it looks like after we scrape and lightly sand.  We'll then prime, caulk and sand as needed before the final painting.  

On Sunday before our show I took the Jazzmaster along with my little Cigarette Amp to the river to play.  I love the Lower 9th ward these days.  So quiet on the river and no one out there.

The shutters not only complete the historically correct renovation but will also easily open and close for storm protection.  The view from inside is quite nice too.  So New Orleans.....

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Louque w/ The Royal Vagabonds

I'm really excited about having Josh Werner and Dave Burnett in town to play two shows this weekend. They arrive early on Friday and will probably eat a nice lunch and head to rehearsal until 5:00. Afterwards we're heading back to my place for a crawfish boil.

It looks like William Chandler and Borahm Lee will be sitting in with us.