Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ode to Time

the richest man is he who carries understanding in his heart and
the most virtuous is he who extends that understanding to another being
we're in a world who's quivering and wavering with question
i've been blessed with the precious gift of time
and i see kings with false notions of our possibilities 
i hear only one voice
all kings sitting highest on the mountaintop eventually cannibalize themselves
man's lust is a dirty whore
i've been charmed and repelled by ms. america
and i'm free of her bondage now 
and know my country and its beauty is going to come from me
my america is a blank canvas and shall plant the seeds around me
no matter what soil i lay my bare feet
thanks to god
to the god of all nations
for i've been blessed with time 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cafe Windows....

I'm no longer seeing the world through the cafe window.  Well sometimes I am but at least now I'm out in the world as my true self again.  I love cafes and looking out the window on a rainy day.   When I get to Paris I could spend hours in the window, gazing at the scene and thinking and living off of bread.  I like eating simple and cheap and nourishing myself with culture.  Seems like the only thing that matters to me these days is staying on a path of growth.  It could be musically, artistically but mostly as a human.  Understanding is everything in this world, even today.  With all the modern devices, we are as confused as ever.  Fulfillment in simplicity, is what I'm after.  Sustainability. We need to go on a "fear of missing out" diet and get back to the essence of life.  


It sounds simple but stripping oneself down to the core is a life long journey and there are so many things tugging at us to make us think contentment lies in a product.  When I look at the Grand Canyon, I feel small and  feel our time here is but a speck in time.  It's healthy to feel these sort of things. It's better to look death in the face.  How else are you going to hear her secret.  Time is precious.

I was scared to hit the road again.  Scared that I might actually find what I was looking for.  Is that crazy?  It's true, many people shoot themselves in the foot like me.  I guess I fear luxury and not having to dig.  That is where I feel I find my true essence.  I think life is set up perfectly.  It's good to work for things and have obstacles.  I like limitations which is why I travel in 1987 VW Westfalia.  Sure you can go up to 75mph but the sweet spot is 63mph.  It sips not guzzles.  Sips miles and forces you to sit back and take it in.  

It's been amazing being in the van on the road.  There's a feeling of calm no matter where I am because it feels like home.  I always find that sense of home when I set up camp for the night, no matter where I am.  Some of my morning views are better than others.

My west coast trips are getting better and better and less intimidating.  First time I went through the desert, it kicked my ass.  I underestimated it.  It's good to get your ass kicked sometimes too.  Nothing worse than being too complacent. 

Only problem with camping in the desert for a few days is I come out singing like a wolf.  So much rage for the land.  It's nice though.  I'm cool with it.  

A Child Of The Wolf

Coonass hits the road to find the riddle of the wolf in nature.

When I first started touring, instead of making literal videos, I began weaving a story together that articulated things I feel and think about on the road.  This is part 4 of my series of films that started as a joke.