Thursday, April 18, 2013

Prince Polo....

Looking forward to hanging with Prince Polo this weekend. Dear friend who's become quite the Dub mixologist!

Sunday Snow Balls in New Orleans

We went for Vietnamese food and snow balls on Sunday. Loving April in New Orleans.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Chateau St. Roch Spring Renovation...

Jay constructing our scaffolding.

Jay and I have started scraping, sanding, caulking and painting the outside of the house.  I had one more room to complete inside but there was substantial moisture getting in from this side and held this as the next top priority.  We found the original shutters for the windows in the garage and have been restoring them as we complete each window repair.  We have been taking each window out as we go while we're up there on Jay's nice homemade scaffolding.  I had seen someone build one like this in the Esplanade area and Jay quickly figured it out.

Spray painting the shutters with Behr "Bayberry Frost". 

Scraped and painted the windows and replaced broken glass.

Historically correct hinges.

Replacing old boards with some new ones.

Priming new boards. Hoping to be finished this side before the heat of summer. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One Foot In Front of the Other...

Last summer Ed at Central Square Records suggested I do a solo in store performance and I agreed. Up until this performance, I had never played solo. I had only played a few Vagabonds shows and mostly recorded since touring when signed solo to the label. At the time my brother Donovan told me I should probably do the thing that I don't want to do and something positive will come out of it. Playing live was "the" thing I was avoiding and I knew I had to get back on the horse. I remember it feeling so good to be appreciated again after all those years. I had a special connection with a lonesome traveler that day and he thanked me for sharing. That's all it took and then there was the show at The Scratcher and then the St. Roch Sessions. All this led up to The Gary State Bank where I was handed a torch. The people, my very own culture struck a match and made me responsible for this flame. This Jazz Fest will be so special to be playing in town. It's always such a beautiful time but also a little bitter watching from the sidelines. Last year me and Amanda ended up on stage with Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers standing right behind Mike Campbell's amp when the crowd roared and Mike turned to us grinning ear to ear as if to say, "stay on the path"!

Monday, April 8, 2013

New Orleans Jazz Fest 2013

Very excited to be playing two shows during this years Jazz Fest. The shows will be a collaboration with NY photographer Michael Weintrob.